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The Diary of a Foetus – to the mother

Translated from Hungarian that was translated from German…

When a woman conceives new life begins. But how does the foetus experiences this new life? For many of them, though, it is a common experience…

5th October: Today my life started. My Dad and Mum don't even know this yet. Though I am smaller than the head of a pin, I am an independent being. All my bodily constitutions and psychical endowments are already determined. For example my eyes will be like my Dad's, and my hair will be blond and curly like Mum's. And it is also already ordained that I will be a girl.

19th October: The first cells of my blood and lymphatic vessels and my arteries are already being developed. Since my organs are not fully developed yet, my Mum helps my blood circulation and my metabolism. Someday during the first months after I am born, I will need only her milk.

23rd October: My mouth is already open. One year later, when my dear parents bend over my basinette, I will smile at them. And I am sure, my first word will be "Mum"…
P.S.: The belief that I am not yet an independent human being is simply ridiculous. Surely, even my blood group is quite different from my Mum's.

25th October: Today my heart has begun to beat. It will unceasingly perform its duty till the end of my life, without a pause. What a great miracle this is!

2nd November: My arms and my feet has begun to grow. It is true that even after my birth long time will have to pass until they fully develop, and I can efficiently use them.

12th November: My hands and my fingers are also shooting now. With these hands I will conquer the world, and as a good friend, my hands I will also stretch out towards my fellow-beings.

20th November: My Mum has just found out at the doctor's today for sure that she carries me under her heart. How exceedingly joyous she might be!

25th November: It can already be seen on me that I will be a girl! My parents surely ponder over what should be my name. How much I would like to know that, too!

28th November: My organs are fully developed. I am quite big now.

10th December: My hair and eyebrows have also started to grow. How my Mum looks forward with delight to her blond little girl!

13th December: Soon I will bee able to see! My eyes are kept closed by only a weak, thin film of skin! Lights, colours, flowers… how splendid it will be! But my greatest joy is that I will see my mother!… I wish it wouldn't take so long! It will take more than six months more!

24th December: My heart is fully developed now. There are babies born with heart problems. An awfully exhaustive work is required from the surgeons to surgically save these babies. Thanks God, my heart is in perfect order. I will be a healthy, strong child, and everybody will be delighted at me.

28th December: Today MY MOTHER… has KILLED ME!

J. Guzwiller: Man, God, world; 1972

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