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The Shipwrecked Christian – waiting for his Lord

Once upon a time there was a Christian, who got shipwrecked far away from the coast. He was a very good swimmer, and he was also very strong physically, but there was no land in sight anywhere. Thus, in great faith he turned to the Living God for help.
After he had been in the ocean for about a day he became a bit hungry, and began loose strength. But luckily, a giant ship, a liner appeared on the horizon. He shouted and waved with his hands, and someone on board discovered him. Thus, the ship turned, and set out towards him. When it came to a distance the people on board saw that he was still in strength, and waved him to swim, and climb up the ladder. He looked at the ship. He saw, that it was really huge, and carried many people on board. He could overhear music and drama from the ship. He slowly began to swim, but made no great effort. He thought, "This ship is quite large, and there are many people on it. I shouldn't have to swim and climb so much. They want commitment from me, but of course, Christians don't do it. They should come and save me instead, and I would help them in the process when I feel the Lord wants me to do so. Certainly, this ship cannot be from God". Thus, he signaled with his hand, and sent them on their way.

Some time later a humble little boat appeared nearby blown there by the wind. It belonged to a poor, weak fisherman. The ship had no engine, no strength on his own, nothing, but a sail. It floated powerlessly on the waves blown by the wind. The poor fisherman saw the man in the water, had compassion on him, and with great effort started rowing towards him. The Christian could have swum to the boat, for he still had great strength, but made even less effort then when the ship came. Finally, the poor fisherman became weary in the battle against the waves, fell down in his boat being exhausted, and deeply disappointed about how little effort the man had made. And the little boat was blown away by the wind. The Christian just shook his head. "How sad it is!", he thought, "If he were from God, he would have had enough strength to save me. But he was weak. And even the waves and the wind were against him!" Thus, he remained in the ocean.

The Christian, however, just kept on praying, that the Lord might save him. Since he had been in the cold sea without food and drinking water for a long time now, he became weaker and weaker as time went by. He started wondering, "Where does the Lord tarry? I have been waiting on him faithfully."

Next an aircraft-carrier came, and they saw him, and sent out a helicopter to save him. The helicopter came and floated high above him. They dropped a long rope-ladder, and waved him to grab it, and they were going to fly him to the carrier. But the Christian thought, "No way. I would have to hang in the air holding on to this rope-ladder until they get me on the ship. It is scary, it is too much to ask. Certainly, if they were sent by God, they would just save me. I would not be required to make such an effort." Thus, he signaled that they should leave. He did not want them to save him, since he had been waiting on the Lord to save him. Therefore, the helicopter left with its crew being very upset because of the man's foolishness.

That night sharks came that way, and when they noticed the exhausted man they attacked him, and tore him to pieces and ate his flesh. So the Christian went up to heaven, and when he met the Lord, he asked him: "Lord, I prayed, that you might save me out of the ocean, and faithfully waited for you right to the end, but you didn't come. Why?"

Then the Lord answered, and said, "I have sent you a large ship, a little boat with a poor fisherman, and an aircraft-carrier with a helicopter, and you sent them all away. What else could I do for you?"

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